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An Architectural Canvas of Shipping Containers Painted With Greek Gods by Pichi & Avo

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British artist Matthew Simmonds carves historic architectural structures into blocks of marble and stone, producing unique and intricate sculptures.

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It’s been bothering me all day that I can’t remember.


Does anyone remember what car Geoff drives?

I believe he drives an Audi but I’m not sure what model it is though. I’m sure it’s probably a sedan or something since he’s a family man.



Doing The Pledge of Allegiance every school day for 4 or 5 years is one of those things that don’t seem strange when you’re young

But then you get older and you realized “yeah, swearing your allegiance to a flag for about 200+ days out of 365 day year in unity with other small children is without a doubt a creepy as fuck activity”

wait is that actually a thing american schoolchildren do what the fuck

When you realize that America started doing that because our politicians noticed how effective it was in nazi Germany.

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The Destiny Beta embargo for videos has been lifted. I will now post this. @GavinFree @GeoffLRamsey (x)


It’s sad when video game characters have better moves than me.


A collection of my Walking Dead art, for funsies: Part II.

(Part I: x)

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